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L'abbazia di Montecassino/ The Abbey of Montecassino
La Cripta di Anagni/ the Crypt of Anagni
Il chiostro dell'abbazia cistercense di Casamari/ the cloister of the Cistercian Abbey of Casamari
Gaeta ed il suo mare/ Gaeta and the coast
Il giardino della Certosa di Trisulti/The garden of the Carthusian Monastery of Trisulti


djGuide Turistiche Abilitate per le Province di Frosinone e Latina. ....................................... Licensed Tourist Guides for Montecassino and its surroundings. ....................................... Cell/mobile+39.328.1965002

cell/mobile +39 328 1965002


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'when you go home
tell them of us and say
for their tomorrow
we gave our today'

The first Indian troops landed at Taranto and in the south of Naples on 19 September 1943. From then untill 29 April 1945 they were engaged in a heroic mission. From their landing in Taranto till their arrival in Trieste, the soldiers from New Delhi played a great role in the difficult advance of the Allied forces. The Indian Contingent was the third largest after the American and the English Contingents. These soldiers came from some of the finest regiments of the Indian army, Maratha Li, Punjab, 5 Gorkha rifles, 9 Gorkha Rifles, " Gorkha Rifles, Rajputana Rifles, Sikh, Frontier Force Rifles, Garhwal Rifles and Central India Horse. The Fourth, Eighth and Tenth Indian Infantry Divisions were employed in the battle for the capturte of Monte Cassino and in the bitter campaign that followed for the breaching of the Gothic Line. These divisions were part of the legendary 8th British Army and fought along with British, New Zealand, Polish, American, Canadian and French Divisions. All these men, soldiers from distant lands, men with little or no cultural similarities, lived together and many of them even died together. Almost 50.000 soldiers, mostly between the ages of 19 and 22, fought for the sake of freedom in Italy. Close to 50 per cent of them were injured in the process. Of these, a total of 5782 indian soldiers died in Italy. It is to their credit that out of twenty Victoria Cross decorations given for bravery during  the war in Italy, the Indian soldiers received as many as six.


For Monte Cassino Battlefield tours , and for Monte Cassino tours from Rome, plese have a look to my new WW2 web site here!