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L'abbazia di Montecassino/ The Abbey of Montecassino
La Cripta di Anagni/ the Crypt of Anagni
Il chiostro dell'abbazia cistercense di Casamari/ the cloister of the Cistercian Abbey of Casamari
Gaeta ed il suo mare/ Gaeta and the coast
Il giardino della Certosa di Trisulti/The garden of the Carthusian Monastery of Trisulti


djGuide Turistiche Abilitate per le Province di Frosinone e Latina. ....................................... Licensed Tourist Guides for Montecassino and its surroundings. ....................................... Cell/mobile+39.328.1965002

cell/mobile +39 328 1965002


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Why should you choose us over someone else?
what makes us different?
Why should you choose two young guide for a WW II TOUR?
The most important think is that THE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.
We are personally involved in the WW2 history bacause our Great Uncle Don Dario Priora was in El Alamain during WW II. He was the chapelain of the 204" Reggimento Artiglieria Italiano (204" Italian Artillery regiment). He was sent with Lieutenant Giorgio Cobolli and a lot of other yourg men to Africa, to fight on the Axis side against the Allies. At the beginning of december 1940 our Great Uncle was in Sidi El Barrani during the so called OPERATION COMPASS ( during the same operation  the British attaked  also Bardia, Tobruch and Beda Fomm) he was taken prisoner and brought to different detention camps, untill when the Commonweath Army decided to send him, with thousand of other prisoners, to Pretoria in South Africa. He had to walk across all Africa, untill when he arrived to Zonderwater, the biggest detention camp built by the Allies during the WW II. We real don't know how and when, but one day someone knocked at my great grandmother's door and when she opened the door Don Dario Priora was there. He never told thinks about  his WW2 experience, he never told us how he could come back. He died in 1985 without saying one word about the period he was in Africa. At the time we were 8 and 3, we didn"t know that peolple could be so crasy to kill each other. Then we grew up and we started to search books and documents about Sidi El Barrani, and the detention camps. It wasn"t so easy, we could visit the battlefields were he was taken prisoners, and the cemeteries all over this area. In the next two years we would like to fly to Zonderwater detention camp, to experience the place in which he lived for years.
So, we understand how you feel when you visit a place where your relatives fought, or the place they saw and they described you so many times, or the place in which they were, but they prefered not to describe you. We understand how you feel in front of thousand of stones of our cemeteries.
We understand you, because we felt the same in front of the desents of El Alamain and Sidi Ed Barrani.
If you want you can tell us your story, and we will feel the same together on the footsteps of history!